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Cylinder porting takes time, patience, special tools,
and a real comprehension of air flow and velocity.

As most of you know I Martin Marino am a world leader in two stroke porting. Working with Paul Gast of Fast by Gast, Don Hardy Orange County jet ski and Ed Miller of Performance Jetski (PJS) in the 80's, and Kawasaki in the 90's and Yamaha in 2000. I've tried just about every combination inside and outside the box when it comes to porting 2 strokes and I must say there is a little black magic to it. I have over 38 years experience working with some of the best 2 stroke engineers in the world. producing winning race machines

 The RZ500 stock engine produces 71 horsepower.

With my porting, head modifications, and pipe I am able to make 110.7 Hp

That's over a 50% increase in horsepower and 11 (ft-lbs) more torque


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